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High school Senior Paul must fight off evil vampires to save the world.


In the small town of Zanzibar, Virginia, lives high school senior Paul. It seems he has not a care in the world. But tonight his world is turned upside down. When he stops taking the medication his father has him on, his vampire side comes out. He loses control and bites a teacher in the middle of school. Paul finds he is a half vampire, half human. And this same night, Paul discovers that the whole town is soon converting to vampires, spreading his blood quickly. In a matter of days, the earth will be ruled by vampire kind, as was prophesized, with him the ruler of the new world... unless he can put a stop to them. But he needs help. Paul joins forces with his father and the new girl at school, Laney, to try to stop the evil vampires from spreading their blood.

The song currently playing is the "Paul and Laney" theme song from The Vampires of Zanzibar, an original composition by John Birmingham, with John performing on piano, Danica DeCosto on vocals and Camellia Delk on violin.