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The Story
The Cast/Crew
Over 150 cast and crew came from Virginia and all over the world to make The Vampires of Zanzibar one amazing summer. We made some great friends that we are going to keep for life.

We recently filmed star of MTV's Viva La Bam and Jackass, BRANDON DICAMILLO in a major role for the movie in some additional scenes, as well as CHRIS RAAB, DAVID BOTTARO and bass player for Samhain and Danzig EERIE VON.

This cast/crew list is in the process of being updated, so write if you have additions/changes to make.

Screenplay by John Birmingham

Produced by John Birmingham and Tayza Birmingham

Directed by John Birmingham

Cinematography by Gabriel Aluisy

Co-produced by Bjarni Gautur and Jimmu Johansson

Music by Kurt Oldman, John Birmingham, Tony Longworth, Sister, Technikult of Flesh, Chris Shepard, Evyh Cehrus, more artists to be listed soon.

Special Effects Make-up by Jason Chapman and Nick Trembley

Associate Produced by Danica DeCosto, Derek Young, Andri Kjartan, Hoddi Bjornsen


Doug Dressler as Paul Lewis

Lauren Susan as Laney

Robin Watkins as Robin Lewis

John Birmingham as Mabus

Royce Hobson as David

Brandon Dicamillo as Lord Weasle Titties

Bjarni Gautur as Jacob

Evyh Cerhus as Mrs. Leroy

Connie Watkins as Sheriff Bush

Derek Young as Marcus

John Birmingham as Rakeed

Lee Melozzi as Chester

Andri Kjartan as Harry

Hoddi Bjornsen as Potter

Chris Raab as Sire McNugget

David Bottaro as Lord Leotard

Lindsey Kruichak as Sweet Lindsey Sue the Country Singer

Chris Shepard as Country Chris

Jimmu Johansson as Marco

Kyle Chmelik as Josh Lewis

Rowan Birmingham as Talking Baby

Eerie Von as Sir Von

Troy Bird as Free Bird

Jed Bird as Alabama

John Johnson as John John the Gay Bartender

Clifford Williams as Reverend

Bootie Bell Chewning as Bootee Chootee

Chris Rubeiz as French Chef as TJ the Gay DJ

Jeremy Ambler as The Horny Valet

Danica DeCosto as Danica

Meghann Scully as Sasha

Blaine Sirry as Miley

Chandeline Nicole as Hot Waitress

Bjarni Gautur as Steven

Kieth Yancey as The Zanzibar Skate Rat

John Price as Fernando

Dwayne Yancey as Purturbed Guest

Stevie D as Big Red Axl

Steven Breeding as Macho Underoos

Cory Greer as Skinny Thunder

Courtney Johnson as So You're a Superhero?